Omnimaga gCn chat

What is it?

Omnimagas gCn chat-bridge is a bridge between a TI-84+(SE) calculator and the omnimaga chat-network, OmnomIRC. It uses Doors CS and CALCnet Chat, which were both developed by Christopher Mitchell.
On server-side is a custom gCn metahub which allows the connection to OmnomIRC, which has been developed by Sorunome.

How do I use this?

First of all download the following programs and send them to your calculator:

Next, you have to run your gCn client on your computer or raspberry pi or whereever you want to run it (download it here). Specify as server ''. Port is the default port. Localname is the nick you will chat with. The hub is the channel you'll join, it'll default to #omnimaga on invalid channels.

$ ./gcnclient_rpi -n \#omnimaga -l Sorunome -d d -s